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9. The Lectin Hypothesis

Potatoes and other nightshade vegetables—and actually most vegetables—have yet another complicated class of molecular ingredient: lectins. These are proteins that bind to carbohydrates. Like...

Elimination Diets and Food Sensitivity

(A rough introduction to the intriguing, evolving, and sometimes controversial science of food sensitivity) If you’re wary of elimination diets simply because of the word...

7. The Complex Cost/Benefit Chemistry of Tomatoes

James Roddick produced much of the nightshade focused research of the 70s and 80s. Over the last 20 years the undisputed leader of nightshade...

8. The Potato Problem

Reports of potato poisoning are uncommon, yet persistent incidents—particularly of mass poisonings ((“Horrific Tales of Potatoes That Caused Mass Sickness and Even Death”))—are reported...

2. Nightshades—Just Side Effects?

Medical science doesn't yet fully recognize or understand nightshade sensitivity. With a little logical thinking, we can skip over this gap and still grasp...
pepper varieties

12. The Chemical Complexity and Relatedness of Other Nightshades

Tobacco is clearly the nightshade with the thickest rap sheet with respect to human health problems. Tobacco smoke is known to contain more than...
the nightshade sensitivity puzzle

13. Pulling It All Together — A Nightshade Sensitivity Hypothesis

Back to the central question: Can humans suffer from nightshade sensitivity? I began this deep reading project because the evidence from my own family...
Roddick glycoalkaloid research collage

5. James Roddick Explores Glycoalkaloids

For three decades beginning in 1970 James Roddick of the University of Exeter explored the biochemistry of nightshade glycoalkaloids. Beginning with alpha-tomatine in 1974,...

3. The History of Nightshades as Poisons

Only a few hundred years ago basic botanical knowledge was widespread. Before modern agriculture you had to know your plants if you were going...

Nightshade Sensitivity, a Nutritionist’s Perspective

Talking with Carolyn Denton, MA, LN After years combing digestive health research and finding almost nothing about nightshade sensitivity, it was a relief to finally...