dal saag

Dal Saag

Simple, delicious, nutritious dal. If you don’t know Indian food, it’s like split pea soup without the ham bone, better vegetables and (usually) more...
carrot pakoras

Carrot Pakoras

Pakoras are richly spiced Indian fritters assembled from a wide range of vegetables. Like all finger food they are at their most delicious eaten...

Tempeh Crumble Hash with Greens

I love the intimate, bendy relationship between potatoes and hash. While potatoes are not always hash and hash is not exclusively potatoes, there is...
mac and cheese, maccaroni and cheese

Swimmers’ Mac and Cheese

Mac & cheese is a classic comfort food where you wouldn't think you had to worry about nightshades. But good, home-made mac & cheese...

Vegetarian Baked Beans

“Why baked beans?” My friend was perplexed. I was equally perplexed by the question. It turns out she’d never eaten them growing up. I’d grown up...

Garlic Scape Bulgogi Marinade

One thing that peppers bring to marinades and sauces is flavor in bulk. Not the obvious capsicum fire measured in Scoville units, but the...