Indonesian Beggar's Chicken

Indonesian Beggar’s Chicken

In the almost limitless world of Chinese food, Beggar's Chicken is a famous enough dish to have its own Wikipedia page. It's a delicacy...
no nightshade chicken wings with a bourbon BBQ glaze

Super Bowl Snacks: 3 No Nightshade Chicken Wings

What to Eat While Rooting Against the No Nightshade Ambassador A love/hate relationship is the only rational way to deal with Tom Brady. You love the...
ginger and lime chicken wings

Ginger Lime Wings

When the Green Bay Packers put a surprising 34-24 hurt on the Dallas Cowboys during the 2019 season, another of a million stupid sports...
nightshade free garlic calamari

Garlic Calamari

Very early in the process of developing a no nightshade red sauce, I came across this Bon Appétit recipe for simple shrimp in a...
no nightshade latkes


I’m not of Jewish descent, but I’ve adored the crispy creamy goodness of latkes every time they've landed on my plate. And while I’ve had...
Mediterranean Medley Sweet Potatoes sweet potatoes, chickpeas, tahini sauce, and tahini sauce done in a Mediterranean style

Mediterranean Medley Sweet Potatoes

Sometimes you want the tasty ease of baked sweet potatoes, but a full meal is required. This dish, inspired by an original at the...
beans eggs and slaw

Refried Beans 2.0

Refried's Rebooted was our go-to family bean recipe for close to a decade. Because we’ve been reducing our meat consumption, I’ve been working on...
Coconut Cashew Chicken Curry

Coconut Cashew Chicken Curry

This Sri Lankan-inspired creation is based on a David Tanis recipe published in the New York Times. The original contains two nightshades: tomatoes, and...
baked samosas

Baked Samosas

The greasy, deep-fried onion and ground beef samosas of Nairobi were my gateway to Indian food. But when I returned to the U.S. and...
refried beans

Refrieds, ReBooted

This first effort to recreate the Mexican food experience has evolved into a family favorite and is a real staple in our house. Eventually...