chutney with apple and fennel

Savory Apple Chutney

Few things are easier to craft than a quick chutney. This is the first time I’ve used fennel seeds in a chutney, and for...
red onions quickly pickled

Quickled Red Onions

When you want a bit of that salsa zing but don’t have the tropical ingredients handy for a no nightshade creation, simple pickled onions...
tamarind chutney

Tamarind Chutney

This is sweet-and-sour sauce, Indian style. It's particularly good with samosas and pakoras, and is also a fabulous chicken wing glaze. Quick and easy,...
mango daikon salsa

Savory Mango Daikon Salsa

The pineapple and the mango create a sweet base and, while the cucumber and daikon add their crispier textures and subtle astringencies. Meanwhile the...

Quick Qatsup

Is it spelled ketchup? Or catsup? Or maybe we should really confuse people and roll with qatsup! Qatsup is a fun and easy food to...

Nightshire Sauce

Barely anybody can pronounce it. Fewer even know what’s in it. “To this day, the recipe remains a closely guarded secret,” boasts the Lea...

Malted Fig Ketchup

Do you know the story of figs? How they begin as an inward facing flower, and how each ripe fig contains the essential spirit...

Stone Ketchup

Peaches are a fickle prize for someone who lives in the Upper Midwest. The best fruit doesn't travel well, and there are only a...

Hard Plum Ketchup

This was my second ketchup, built on a template provided by this recipe from British celebrity chef Delia Anne Smith. The first time I...

Beyond Ketchup

Bonnie and Clyde. Beavis and Butthead. Harry and Ron. French fries and ketchup. There is a reason that fried potatoes go, for the most part, with...