The best no nightshade sauce

Nightshire Sauce 2.0

Sometimes simpler is better. This sauce always takes a little time to construct, and as the evening progressed during this batch I found myself ad...

Nightshire Sauce

Barely anybody can pronounce it. Fewer even know what’s in it. “To this day, the recipe remains a closely guarded secret,” boasts the Lea...
fish tacos

No Nightshade Fish Tacos

One of the most difficult ethnic foods to access in the wild for the nightshade sensitive is Mexican. Now we have a new simple...

Hard Plum Ketchup

This was my second ketchup, built on a template provided by this recipe from British celebrity chef Delia Anne Smith. The first time I...
salsa with mangos ramps

Ramp Mango Salsa

This simple salsa trades on some truly fabulous ingredients. The linchpin here is the ramp, a wild onion which is only available for a few...
red onions quickly pickled

Quickled Red Onions

When you want a bit of that salsa zing but don’t have the tropical ingredients handy for a no nightshade creation, simple pickled onions...
baked samosas

Baked Samosas

The greasy, deep-fried onion and ground beef samosas of Nairobi were my gateway to Indian food. But when I returned to the U.S. and...

Stone Ketchup

Peaches are a fickle prize for someone who lives in the Upper Midwest. The best fruit doesn't travel well, and there are only a...
mac and cheese, maccaroni and cheese

Swimmers’ Mac and Cheese

Mac & cheese is a classic comfort food where you wouldn't think you had to worry about nightshades. But good, home-made mac & cheese...
mango daikon salsa

Savory Mango Daikon Salsa

The pineapple and the mango create a sweet base and, while the cucumber and daikon add their crispier textures and subtle astringencies. Meanwhile the...