chicken dish with no nightshade green curry paste

No Nightshade Green Curry Paste

If you even dabbled in Asian cooking before you discovered your nightshade sensitivity, you probably know about red and green spice pastes, oftentimes called...
pad thai

No Nightshade Pad Thai

You might think of Pad Thai as take-out that went backpacking in Southeast Asia, a quest of self-fulfilling, comfort food prophecy. It’s a food beloved...

Even More Vaguely Vietnamese Slow Cooker Pork

Sometimes you run across a recipe and it just sings to you. If you’re nightshade sensitive you have to make sure it’s safe before...

Sunset Honey Sweet Potato with Chickpeas and Spinach

One of the great sorrows of nightshade sensitivity is the profusion of extraordinary Mediterranean dishes bursting with shafts of culinary sunlight. These rays travel...
Simple Nightshade Free Pineapple Salsa

No Nightshade Salsa, Pineapple Style

There is a world of difference between fresh and canned salsas, and there can be little doubt about the superiority of the fresh variety....
fish tacos

No Nightshade Fish Tacos

One of the most difficult ethnic foods to access in the wild for the nightshade sensitive is Mexican. Now we have a new simple...
salsa with mangos ramps

Ramp Mango Salsa

This simple salsa trades on some truly fabulous ingredients. The linchpin here is the ramp, a wild onion which is only available for a few...
a nightshade free take on borscht

Redacted Borscht

Borscht is a classic beet-based soup with a huge geographic home range of Eastern Europe and Russia and perhaps as many recipes as there...
achiote annatto chicken wings

Achiote Wings

Orange is typically a hazard flag when we're talking about snack foods, fast foods, and junk food. So much of the orange in that...
SPINACH AND garbanzos

Smitten Espinacas con Garbanzos

The Smitten Kitchen was my first true Internet foodie crush. I loved the recipes, the family-focused intimacy of the writing, and the economy of...