a nightshade free take on borscht

Redacted Borscht

Borscht is a classic beet-based soup with a huge geographic home range of Eastern Europe and Russia and perhaps as many recipes as there...
achiote annatto chicken wings

Achiote Wings

Orange is typically a hazard flag when we're talking about snack foods, fast foods, and junk food. So much of the orange in that...
SPINACH AND garbanzos

Smitten Espinacas con Garbanzos

The Smitten Kitchen was my first true Internet foodie crush. I loved the recipes, the family-focused intimacy of the writing, and the economy of...

Fauxprika: Paprika for the Nightshade Impaired

There is no nightshade that I miss more than paprika. If I knew I could safely eat the occasional nightshade without suffering health consequences, paprika...
The best no nightshade sauce

Nightshire Sauce 2.0

Sometimes simpler is better. This sauce always takes a little time to construct, and as the evening progressed during this batch I found myself ad...
Thai-Style Peanut Noodles

Thai-Style Peanut Noodles

You'll find that most recipes for this simplest of Asian foods offset the creamy peanut sauce with a dash of cayenne, a splash of...
Indonesian Beggar's Chicken

Indonesian Beggar’s Chicken

In the almost limitless world of Chinese food, Beggar's Chicken is a famous enough dish to have its own Wikipedia page. It's a delicacy...
Meatball Soup with cilantro

Freestyle Cilantro Meatball Soup

There are many beautiful things about soups, and among them is their flexibility. This Cilantro Meatball Soup can be made a variety of ways,...
no nightshade chicken wings with a bourbon BBQ glaze

Super Bowl Snacks: 3 No Nightshade Chicken Wings

What to Eat While Rooting Against the No Nightshade Ambassador A love/hate relationship is the only rational way to deal with Tom Brady. You love the...
ginger and lime chicken wings

Ginger Lime Wings

When the Green Bay Packers put a surprising 34-24 hurt on the Dallas Cowboys during the 2019 season, another of a million stupid sports...