On Oil

Every recipe on the Internet seems to call for a tablespoon of oil—whether you’re sautéing a single garlic clove or a pound of cabbage. If you’ve ever done any cooking you know it depends: on the pan, on the stove, on the moisture content of the vegetables, and on your preferences. Sometimes it’s a tablespoon. Sometimes it’s less. Sometimes it’s 3. I spent some time fretting over the precise amounts for each recipe, then I ran a poll on social media asking if people measured oil for sautéing. Of 315 respondents, fewer than 3 percent measure. If you’re part of the 3 percent, use 1 tablespoon. The rest of you are going to use whatever you want, anyway.


ginger and lime chicken wings

Ginger Lime Wings

When the Green Bay Packers put a surprising 34-24 hurt on the Dallas Cowboys during the 2019 season, another of a million stupid sports...

Beetuto, a Tomato Like Base

pad thai

No Nightshade Pad Thai

no nightshade chaat masala,

Chaat Masala

chutney with apple and fennel

Savory Apple Chutney

refried beans

Refrieds, ReBooted

achiote annatto chicken wings

Achiote Wings

mango daikon salsa

Savory Mango Daikon Salsa